"Outsource Tasks To Us, Whilst You Work On Growing Your Business"

Here is we offer as part of outsourcing

Virtual Assistant

£500-one-off setup fee

PART TIME (20 hours per week)

£297 / month

PART TIME (40 hours per week)

£497 / month

No matter how much of a successful coach or consultant you become, you can’t buy more time.

Actually, that was a lie…

You can.

Due to the wonders of the internet you have access to brilliantly proficient outsourced virtual assistants from much more cost-effective countries.

Our VA’s from the Philippines genuinely correct our English on a daily basis, and not only free-up time and energy for things that don’t require our immediately attention, but also set out to work on social media and generate us business!

Yes, our VA’s will actually bring you a profit!

A VA is probably one of the best investments you can make in your coaching practice. If you train them correctly, you will be supplied with a constant flow of opportunities, whilst you focus coaching and making an impact!

Our VA’s go through a vigorous process before they are made available to you for interview.

• Math & English assements with a pass rate of at least 90%.
• Research gathering tasks completed to an excellent standard.
• Pre-interviewed and screened.
• Internet connection speed tested.
• Criminal record checked.
• Full passport and documents, checked and help on our system.

We would pass you a number of candidates to interview over Skype until you found the right fit for your business.

We would then guarantee the candidate for six months, meaning if you’re not entirely satisfied we can re-interview and have the candidate replaced.

This is a game-changing investment for any Coach; we speak from experience.

It may even be how you landed on the website!

Book a complimentary strategy session and we can discuss this further or check out now and let’s get started.

Oh, and don’t worry about not keeping an eye on your VA. We set you up with software called Time doctor, that captures their screen and shows you exactly what they’re doing for your business.

Book now.

Social Media Manaement

£97 per platform per month


Outsource the management of your social media, and leave more time to do what you are best at – growing your business!

Content curation, the creation of custom visuals, regular analysis, targeting, organic content and paid media.

With our management package, your social media platforms will be kept up-to-date with the most recent content in your niche.

Your audience will remain engaged and in the loop with your current news, announcements and events.

We will provide up-to-date weekly reports on how each platform is performing, how many new followers / likes it’s had that week, and what kind of engagement rates they’re running at.

Inclusive of 3 custom graphics per week, the social media management package has it all covered to keep your accounts engaged and fresh, whilst you focus on your business!

Do you feel like you need more? 

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