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Charlotte Jefferson

Owner of Feel Good Fitness

I was drowning in a pool of darkness and couldn’t find a way out. Since this time, Lewis has changed my life, and Hunger Start has changed my life. I have started to change things that have been in place for years and I would never have even considered doing such things without him and the group. I am working on my business. I have overhauled my house. I am tackling phobias and fears by pushing outside my comfort zone. And I finally have direction in my life. Thank you for everything, Lewis.

Lewis helped me to understand a fundamental core area in which my business was being held back. This behaviour in my business ran deep into childhood. Lewis’s experience helped to crack open the door that kept this behaviour firmly in place in my mind. With Lewis’s help I am now able to be more conscious of the behaviour I need to embrace and be more aware of. Enabling my business to move forward for the good of people. Thank you Lewis.

Leon Mead

Founder of Bungee Spongee

Paul Harling

Owner of Crows Nest Studios

I met Lewis and straight away I knew at some point I would be working with him. I’ve tried the books, audible books, online and they work for a short while but it’s when you have the face to face with Lewis that really counts. To listen and push you but support and encourage through the difficult and make you realise things don’t need to be the way I’ve always thought they should be. Thank you, Lewis for my future.

From the moment I met Lewis in mid-2017 I knew he was different, he had a lot of depth of experience; from his insightful approach to asking questions, not being scared to push for the tough answers, to his authentic, friendly warm style makes him a superb coach and mentor. I have met Lewis a number of times over the months, and each of these interactions leaves me feeling more motivated, my mindset unlocked and I have been able to tackle some tough roadblocks in my life that were holding me back. Lewis is a valuable friend and business associate that I am so pleased to have in my life

Joanne Lockwood

Owner of See Change Happen

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